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Heading on vacation soon? Follow these tips for travelling with hearing aids

HearingLife wants to help you get the most out of your trip by ensuring your hearing is at its best
Hear all the sounds of life during your next vacation.

Planning a getaway? If you have hearing issues, don’t forget to pack your hearing aids.

“No matter where you go or what you are doing while travelling, you don’t want to miss out on the sounds of life,” HearingLife chief audiologist Jillian Price says.

“What better time than during vacation to hear all the sounds like the waves crashing, or the wildlife, or the nightlife?”

Not only should you pack your hearing aids for your travels, you should ensure you are bringing the necessary accessories to keep them in top shape for the duration of your trip.

This might include extra batteries, a cleaning cloth, drying cup or desiccant, storage case, cleaning tools and extra domes.

“Especially if you are travelling somewhere with a very warm climate and high humidity, be sure to also bring your desiccant with you to remove excess moisture or simply give them a good wipe down with a microfibre cloth at least once a day,” Price says.

“All of these items are quite small and at HearingLife, we make it easy by providing you with a small travel case to house all your items in one travel bag.”

If your hearing aids have rechargeable batteries, ensure that you have packed your charger, audiology coordinator Katie Koebel says.

“The best way to ensure you’re getting the most out of your vacation is to wear your hearing aids throughout the entire trip,” Koebel says.

HearingLife is also available to support its patients with any issues they have with their hearing aids while out of the country.

“HearingLife is a global company with locations around the world,” Koebel says.

“As a client, you can receive the support you need from any of our locations, no matter what country you are in.”

If clients need assistance while travelling, they can call 1-833-TELESUP (835-3787) for HearingLife’s remote support line.

“Speak to your local healthcare provider before you travel to receive information about friendly partnerships we have around the world,” Price says.

HearingLife always has the latest in hearing solutions, no matter what your needs are. As hearing technology improves, there are more ways to live your life to the fullest by getting the support you need.

HearingLife is proud to offer Oticon hearing aids, a premium line of hearing instruments that are available in a wide range of styles. The technology in Oticon hearing aids focus on providing the brain with as much sound information as possible, while emphasizing the sounds most important for understanding speech.

Because Oticon hearing aids come in a wide range of styles and technology levels, there are options to fit many different levels of hearing loss and lifestyle needs.

“The advantages of Oticon hearing aids are that the technology in them does not only focus on the ears, but on how the brain makes sense of sound,” Koebel says.

“Giving our brains full access to the sound scene helps improve speech understanding by supporting the brain to make sense of the sound and provides a more natural hearing experience.”

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