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Award-winning 'Bunny' brings bold, feminine narrative to New Westminster

Hannah Moscovitch's acclaimed play, now showing at the Anvil Theatre, offers a fresh perspective on women’s empowerment
Bunny is a narrative that speaks to the heart of societal discussions around femininity and empowerment.

The Anvil Theatre in New Westminster is gearing up for a compelling new addition to its lineup: Bunny a play by Hannah Moscovitch, presented by The Search Party. 

Directed by Mindy Parfitt and starring Emma Slipp, this production, running from February 8 to 18, 2024, promises to be a highlight of the season, offering a fresh and introspective look at women’s experiences.

Debuting at The Cultch in 2022, Bunny quickly earned acclaim, securing eight Jessie Richardson Award nominations and winning four, including Best Performance by a Leading Actor and Best Production. 

An exploration of empowerment 

The play delves into the life of Sorrel, a character who navigates the challenges of personal desire and societal expectations, set against the backdrop of Victorian literature. Because of its sexual content, Bunny is recommended for mature audiences.

“Bunny explores critical questions about women's identity and sexuality,” describes Anvil Theatre programmer Fleur Sweetman. “It's a powerful narrative that resonates with contemporary audiences, offering a fresh perspective on familiar themes.” 

The Anvil Theatre, recognized as a key venue in New Westminster, provides an intimate setting for this thought-provoking production. Conveniently located near the sky train, the theatre has become a cultural hub, drawing audiences from across Metro Vancouver. 

“The Anvil Theatre is an exceptional space for theatre, and Bunny is a perfect fit for our stage,” Sweetman explains. “It’s a play that engages and challenges its audience.” 

The play's exploration of a woman's journey from youth to adulthood and the societal constraints she faces is particularly relevant today. Bunny addresses these issues with a narrative that's both engaging and thought-provoking, encouraging audiences to reflect on the broader implications of the story.

Rethinking traditional narratives 

The Search Party, known for its high-quality productions, has been making waves in the local theatre scene. 

“Their work is consistently impactful, and Bunny is no exception,” Sweetman describes. “The direction, performance, and storytelling are all top-notch, making it a must-see production.”

Bunny is a narrative that speaks to the heart of societal discussions around femininity and empowerment. It challenges the audience to rethink traditional narratives and to engage with the complex emotions and decisions faced by its protagonist, Sorrel. The play's use of Victorian literature as a setting adds a layer of depth, contrasting historical societal norms with contemporary perspectives on womanhood.

Sweetman emphasizes the importance of such productions. 

“Plays like Bunny are essential for the growth and evolution of our cultural narrative. They not only entertain but also educate and inspire, fostering a deeper understanding of the complexities of human experience.” 

As a cultural beacon, the Anvil Theatre continuously showcases a range of diverse and dynamic performances, solidifying its reputation as a premier venue outside downtown Vancouver. This commitment to arts excellence not only enhances New Westminster's cultural fabric but also underscores the importance of accessible, high-quality theatre experiences for audiences in the Metro Vancouver region.

Secure your spot for Bunny at the Anvil Theatre today. For tickets and more information, visit