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Re: Dog attack seems unlikely, Letters to the editor, The Record, June 27.

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Although I know this is not the right forum for open arguments, I will not sit back and not respond to B. Kendall's letter about my "so-called dog attack."

Although it is openly acknowledged more than once that Mr./Ms. Kendall was not present to witness the incident, how could they possibly make an informed opinion? To state that it is highly unlikely any dog would attack without some sort of warning is ridiculous. Have you never read the papers with regards to incidents such as mine? Or is it that you have never witnessed such an incident that you believe it to be impossible?

I have a question for B. Kendall. How would you describe an incident where you, the owner of an 11-year-old, 40-pound dog (not a puppy) had to swing your dog by the leash and collar in the air continually in order to keep a 150-pound dog (not a puppy either) from, yes, trying to rip your dog's stomach out? If this can't be called an "attack," I don't know what could. If I would have just stood there and done nothing then, yes, my dog would have been dead on the spot, plain and simple.

Because I did react and save my dog's life is by no means reason to consider it not an attack. And, yes, my dog was minding her own business and was totally unaware of what was about to happen because this dog came charging up the street and attacked her from behind. She was not just lying on the ground being submissive.

The dictionary's definition of the word "attack" is as follows: to set upon in a forceful, violent or aggressive way. What is B. Kendall's definition of the word?

If multiple trips to the vet and two operations totalling nearly $2,000 and a trip to the emergency room for me could be construed as a misunderstanding of the bull mastiff's intentions, I really don't know what to say.

I wrote my letter to give another perspective from a person involved in a dog attack. I had no intention of getting into exact particulars regarding our attack, but it appears by B. Kendall's written attack on me, I needed to.

How dare B. Kendall suggest that I don't know how to read a dog or even how to handle my own dog. You don't know me, and you have no idea what my dog and I went through. The fact that you even felt you could comment on this attack is mind-boggling. You need to get your facts straight before you accuse someone of misreading such an incident. To suggest what "may" have happened is unbelievable.

It appears I was given some wrong information with regards to the bull mastiff's heritage, but it seemed to fit with what I experienced. I acknowledge my mistake. It does, however, change nothing.

I take offence from someone who was not there and has no right commenting on the attack. You are making assumptions, whereas I was there and I speak the facts. These are my final words on this matter.

Diane McQuade (and Mitzi), New Westminster

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