Quit pointing fingers at teacher

I am concerned about the lack of investigation into the study habits of the students who claim that a certain math teacher at New Westminster Secondary School "gives out" too many failing grades.

I believe that I have been taught by the teacher at whom these innuendos have been directed, and I believe these students' complaints are too extreme.

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For one, I am a terrible math student, I have absolutely no talent whatsoever in mathematics (I do achieve good grades in other courses), but I still managed to pass that teacher's class.

Friends of mine who paid attention and worked hard received A's and B's. Failing grades are not "given out" on a whim, they are thoroughly earned.

I agree that this teacher can be a bit socially inept and rude, but her teaching is average.

As for the "tests do not match what is taught in class" argument, her notes and tests are the same as the other teachers.

The math department, from what I have seen, regulates the notes given in class to make sure all students receive the same information.

To achieve a high mark in any class, one must direct their full attention to the teacher, do their homework and not socialize in class.

If you assume that you are doing all of this, and still fail to grasp the concepts taught in class, try harder. Sit alone and ask for extra worksheets. Math is a hard subject, and if one does not work hard, one will not understand the problems.

These students seem so caught up in this teacher's social flaws that they are no longer noticing their own laziness.

Every teacher's methods are different, and students should expect to adapt to them.

If a teacher asks for silence to teach a class, that is what must be obtained in order for every pupil to obtain the maximum amount of information from her teachings.

If you don't give the teacher silence, do not expect her to act like your best friend.

In France, teachers do not allow questions until after notes are given, and there is strictly no relationship between student and teacher at all. You snooze, you lose.

I am tired of students blaming their teachers for their low marks that they rightfully deserve.

As I have progressed through high school, I have gone from being a lazy student with subaverage grades who blames the teacher to a straight-A Grade 12 student.

I fully deserve every low mark that I have ever received because I know deep down that I did not pay enough attention in class and did not do my homework. I also deserve every high mark I have received.

As students become progressively lazier and whinier, teachers are blamed for their shortcomings, and it is not fair. It is time for students to start working harder and to use class time for studying, not socializing.

The parents of these students want to create a system wherein anyone can make any criticism they like about a teacher with complete anonymity and zero accountability.

In such a system, it will take a brave teacher to fail anyone.

Elena Samuel is a student. To see previous news stories on this topic, see www.royal cityrecord.com.

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