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Dear Editor:

Re: Extreme weather shelter moves to Cliff Block, The Record, Nov. 7.

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I understand from the story that some of the residents across the street from the Cliff Block, represented by Ms. Brittany Zenger, are concerned about having a shelter that will prevent living, breathing, feeling human beings from freezing to death because when they look out from their warm, confortable, safe homes they might see unsightly shopping carts.

Really? Am I reading this right? The article didn't give the address of the Cliff Block, but I looked it up and it's at 606 Clarkson St. If you look at the city zoning map, you can see this is not a residential neighbourhood as claimed by the concerned residents. The areas around this address (including the Cliff Block, the Union Gospel mission and the buildings where the concerned residents live) is marked "C-4 central business districts" and "C8 Columbia Street Historical District".

And it's hard for me to believe that people leaving the shelter at 7 a.m. will create more noise disturbances than the police station or the buses rumbling up and down Sixth Street every 10 minutes.

"Concerned residents," please consider that not all homeless people are bad people who deserve to be thrown away. Sometimes bad things just happen to good people.

Andrea Tylczak, New Westminster

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