LETTERS: Uptown Live! complaint is all about the bass

Editor: Re: Nothing wrong with the volume at Uptown Live!, Record, Letters, July 2.

If (Uptown Live!) is a community event, it should be workable for everyone in the community, right? I’m peeved by “Uptown Loud” as well as last week’s letter writer who says you can just close your windows and you should sit out and enjoy it as she did. “Uptown Loud” should not be able to dictate how I spend my day.

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I should not have to leave my home to have peace. And shutting windows when it’s 30C-plus is just cruel. Not that it helped because I could still feel throbbing in my ears from the bass, even while listening to my own music in a headset. It’s like an unwanted touch – over and over and over and over. It’s an assault – a noise assault and a lot of noisy people actually would smile reading that as they get a kick out of annoying others – bass-boomers and motorcycle clatterers. I’m looking at you and others. Not all, just many. Not OK.

So, during “Uptown Loud,” I called the police – twice – because the first time the bass went back up after a couple hours. But the second time, the bass stayed down.

I live in a good concrete tower, two blocks away and the strains of music were reasonably faint in the distance, but the bass was up close and personal – a physical touch in my body, way too much. It’s all well and good that others want the bass-body experience, but no way on Earth should it be forced on others, as it has been every year in the past and would have been this year except that the police, I think, put a stop to it. I say “I think,” because the police weren’t the only ones I complained to.

This is just not right that this should go on like this. Boundaries – the right for everyone in the community to enjoy the weekend. And the letter writer who said it’s one day a year? That’s what every loud, annoying event says. All the ones at the teen centre, the various dance and sports events, and the movies in the Moody Park that used to be so loud but this year were not. Maybe the city is finally getting it.

Angela Wanczura, New Westminster


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