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Dear Editor:

Bill Zander’s letter in last week’s Record made some good points re: Seniors deserve better (Inbox, Oct. 5).

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However, I would like to challenge him, and anyone else reading this, with the notion that charity and philanthropy can have a place in supporting seniors in our community.

As the executive director for a small hospital foundation tasked with raising funds to make life more comfortable and enjoyable for the seniors who live at Queen’s Park Care Centre (as well as seniors who still live at home but come to the care centre for day program activities), I’m meeting with many organizations and businesses in New Westminster as a means of securing more financial support and/or collaborating on projects that will raise the profile of seniors care.

Although the support for seniors charities is small compared to other charitable sectors (i.e. children and youth charities, amateur sports leagues, arts and culture organizations), the tide is turning, as witnessed with the increase of articles and stories in the media about seniors care. More people are caring about seniors care.

Canadians are among the most generous people in the world, whether it’s monetary donations or volunteering their time with charities. And we’re fortunate to have some great organizations in the community who are truly making a difference for seniors, such as New West Hospice Society and Seniors Services Society. We just need more support.

The way I look at it is that we’re all going to get old someday, and most of us will need some sort of help, like home support services or residential care.

So donating to a seniors charity today is an investment into your future needs. Because if that support for seniors care isn’t there, we all lose.

Jason Lesage, executive director, Queen’s Park Healthcare Foundation


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