LETTERS: New Westminster is doing a great job with the Quay planters

Editor: I am writing today to congratulate the City of New Westminster gardening department for the wonderful work they do year after year and season after season with the planters on the Quay.

We (my husband and I) have lived on the Quay for three-plus years, and from the day we first walked the Quay, we both remarked at the terrific colour and imagination used by the gardeners who work tirelessly planting bulbs and then changing everything over as the seasons change. It is a remarkable undertaking that has to be done by workers who love their jobs.

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I don’t have any idea who or when the decision was made to spend the money and the manpower providing the enjoyment for everyone who jogs, rides, power walks or simply saunters the boardwalk for the pure enjoyment of being able to follow the mighty Fraser River for a couple of kilometres and get a bit of exercise and maybe a cup of coffee at the River Market, too.

Thank you, New Westminster city gardeners, your diligent work is not going unnoticed by this lucky stroller.

Lesley Gilchrist, New Westminster

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