LETTERS: Having a slate in New West is not a bad thing

Editor: Re: New West council needs diversity, not ‘Team Cote’ groupthink, Record letters, Sept. 20

During the last municipal election, I was a new resident of New Westminster. I had the enviable position of seeing the city with fresh eyes and perspective. I had no knowledge of slates, was stymied at the idea of city councillors that didn’t represent wards and learned about each candidate individually. As I did, I assessed them, cast my ballot, and not everyone I voted for won their race.

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But over these past four years, I’ve been very pleased with the people who were elected.

What I’ve learned is that a slate shares values, not a single platform.

Each candidate still has their own platform and their own ideas. But the shared values has really been what made this council work – they get stuff done. There is no wasted time bickering or reaching a stalemate on issues. They work through their disagreements respectfully, challenge each other, challenge policies and work together to keep moving New Westminster forward. I have not always agreed with every process or every decision made, but it has been so refreshing to see a council work together and not at odds with each other.

Trudi Goels, New Westminster

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