LETTERS: Ban plastic straws

Editor: Banning all plastic straws and plastic of all kinds would be the best support of the environment.

Persons with disabilities/AB have options of paper straws, metal straws, and glass straws. As a woman with a physical disability, I thought it was odd to read OUR VIEW: Banning straws hurts people with disabilities, June 28, the Record.

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Plastic straws or all plastic material really needs to end. (It’s) critical for single-use plastic straws, cups, and utensils, bags usage in our community to stop. Although I understand the intended support of people with disabilities, I think most people including those with disabilities recognize the need to make good choices for the planet with a return back to paper straws or check out some new alternatives to purchase such as glass or metal straws. Enough is enough, so I have switched to glass straws made in Canada. 

Both glass and metal straws are available in a bent shape, or straight in various lengths. I carry my glass straws with me if I’m going out and found it an easy switch. There are even fabric holders to purchase at a minimal cost for a lifetime straw that makes it convenient for storage or carrying along. I think people with disabilities are equal in terms of caring about the environment. Lastly, I think glass straws would make a great gift so that all people could feel a part of the solution.

If I happen to forget a straw, I have been delighted to see restaurants using recyclable straws made out of corn, paper straws or I order a small class so it’s easier to lift without a straw. I support a ban on all plastic, including straws for New Westminster. I’m offering my help to anyone in New West that needs some suggestions of how to get glass or metal straws for their personal use. Please text me here

Barbara Yost, New Westminster

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