LETTER: People couldn't care less about the Earth


Re: No more strategic voting, Record letters, Aug. 23

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While I agree there is an urgent need to address human-influenced climate change, I do not share Brendan Vance’s assessment that British Columbians “feel a great yearning to fight … for a habitable Earth.” 

Our streets are a veritable parade of shiny new gas-guzzlers, our city council drags its heels on bike lanes, our Ministry of Education downplays climate change in its new curriculum, airlines do a roaring business with frivolous overseas vacations, and large families (with more children than the replacement rate) are not what you’d call a rare sight. 

Rather, it seems many (if not most) British Columbians couldn’t care less about their ecological or carbon footprints. Indeed, it would take about six Earths to support the Canadian — and by extension, British Columbian — lifestyle for everyone on this planet, and we are one of the very top per-capita carbon emitters. 

Sadly, all — regardless of their personal footprints — are suffering the consequences.

Patrick Parkes, New Westminster

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