LETTER: New West council needs diversity, not 'Team Cote' groupthink


Re: Candidates to run under banner of Team Cote, Record, Sept. 6

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An immense thank you for the report on “Team Cote.” Thank you for identifying the candidates on this team, too. I will make sure not to vote for any of these individuals come election day.

Daniel Fontaine has called out some ... shenanigans, which makes me believe that this will set the tone for the next administration, if elected.

Personally, I want a government that is diverse with varying ideas, not single-mindedness, not thinking of deceptive ways to bulldoze policies that are union-supportive at every step of the way.

And I suppose I should mention the elephant in the room – if council is supported by the district labour council and our city council is responsible for union contract negotiations, including the management of all contracts pertaining to business that also requires union workers, is there not a direct conflict of interest?

How can we expect accountability of these members, if elected, if loyalties are in question? Sincerely, thank you for this post.

In future, I think it would be valuable to know how candidates who have been endorsed by the district labour council will remain loyal to the city and not their benefactor?

Craig Thompson, New Westminster

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