Letter: I'm tired of governments' 80% effort on COVID-19


I am so unhappy with the government's 80% effort on Covid-19.

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Let us go 100% and starve this virus.

Let us treat the next two months as one very long Sunday. No rent to pay or collect. No mortgage to pay or collect. Commercial or residential.  

We need to keep the “supply chain” alive and the medical system. So, put all of our resources into food, essentials and medical. 

Pay these few people who are still working. And pay the tech sector who are working from home to keep our systems running.

Gown and mask everyone working in the business of supply and delivery.

It would not take long to starve the virus.

Then we can wake up to a Monday morning and carry on.

The 80% just prolongs the damage and increases the number of deaths.

Leslie Zenger, Burnaby

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