Letter: Fed up with 'offhand approach' to HandyDART customers


Re: HandyDART users shouldn't have to fight for rights, Opinion, March 28
TransLink's settlement with HandyDART provides funding for research on the experience of HandyDart customers, creates a HandyDart users group and also promises an annual service performance report.

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Firstly, TransLink has had years of customers reporting on their experiences at TransLink board meetings.

Secondly, the HandyDART Rider's Alliance is already a users’ group. And lastly, there's the promise of an annual service performance report. What kind of public service doesn't have an annual service report? This reveals much about the HandyDART service and its offhand approach to carrying out its responsibility to its customers.
HandyDart doesn't need more of this. It needs increased service. And that means increased funding. This from a former HandyDART driver of 30 years.
Andrew Phillips, New Westminster

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