Letter: Don't yell at workers for enforcing store rules


Dear shoppers: While the rules are slowly being relaxed regarding limits on how many people are allowed in a business, don't forget that social distancing still applies. 

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Please check the signage before you enter a business and remember that any business that wants to stay open has to abide by the rules as they are told to, and it is not the sole decision of the individual business owners or employees. 

The rules apply to everyone and no businesses are intentionally trying to cause an inconvenience for shoppers. Don't expect the same rules wherever you go; some places count individual customers, some count groups of people up to a certain limit; some count couples as two individuals and some count them as one.  

Some businesses request customers to wait outside if they are at capacity, so please have patience with staff and other shoppers; you will be called in. (This is also the procedure at the medical labs if you go for a test.) 

Interrupting staff while they are helping someone else only causes a delay for everyone. If you phone a business and they don't pick up right away, phone back in a few minutes rather than right away. 

Lastly, put enough money in the parking meter because you never know if you will encounter an unexpected delay; give yourself time to have a good shopping experience.

Lisa Finnigan, New Westminster


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