Beware of parking tickets

Dear Editor:

Did you know that you have to be careful when helping a friend in the city of New Westminster - you just might get a parking ticket!

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Why, just two weeks ago, I parked to pick up my friend to take her to her second chemo session, when I got a ticket.

It seems that even though I thought:

? I was being helpful to park my rather low-riding car facing against the traffic so she could get in safely without having to limbo off the curb side;

? and even though I thought it might be helpful to go into the house to help her out with her bags;

? and even though it might have been evident to the patrol officer that there isn't any traffic on her quiet little street;

? and even though it was quite apparent that this "chemo-bald" woman and her friend might not be needing added stress .

The officer fulfilled his mandate. Said he had to.

He also had to take photos of the offending vehicle, so I think he took some wonderful photos from a number of angles with the two of us very sad women alongside. I don't think we smiled in those.

I did think, "Hell's bells, don't these guys have any discretion?" So I called their boss to find out.

It seems that once they start writing the ticket, they can't stop.

They also have to take the photos to defend themselves and their right to write, and even though you can tell them all the helpful reasons you did with your car what you did, they just don't know who might be lying.

Lastly, after a very animated discussion (on my part at least), the boss did say that yes, they can, in certain situations, exercise discretion.

Wow, I wonder what circumstances it takes for that to happen?

Judy Dixon, by email

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