This boating group is trying to save reckless people from themselves

Chris Campbell

One national group is trying to save people from themselves.

With Victoria Day coming this weekend, the Canadian Safe Boating Council is reminding people to stay sober while boating.

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Yeah, good luck with that.

I mean I agree with this goal, but don’t have much faith in the intelligence of many boaters (aka drunken yahoos).

“The legalization of cannabis is causing concern for boating safety advocate groups, enforcement agencies and first responders alike,” said a news release. “Alcohol has been proven to be a contributing factor in approximately 40% of all boating fatalities across Canada. The legalization of recreational cannabis has the potential to significantly increase this statistic.   

North American Safe Boating Awareness Week will take place across Canada from May 18th to May 24th.

“Although boating-related fatalities have trended downwards in past years, there continues to be an average of over 100 boating-related deaths annually in Canadian waters. With Canadians preparing to launch their boats after a long winter slumber, the goal of Safe Boating Awareness Week is to continue to reduce fatalities by ensuring that boaters who head out in any type of vessel have the knowledge and equipment to help them have a safe day on the water.”

The council wants people to follow these simple things:

  1. Wear a Lifejacket
  2. Boat Sober
  3. Take a Boating Course
  4. Be Prepared – Both You and Your Vessel
  5. Be Aware of the Risks of Cold Water Immersion

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