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So who exactly deserves better pay?

Dear Editor: Re: Keith Baldrey's In The House column of July 13.

Dear Editor:

Re: Keith Baldrey's In The House column of July 13.

Thanks so much to the Royal City Record for placing Keith Baldrey's criticism of the BCTFs contract demands on the same page as Ingrid Rice's editorial cartoon commenting on David Hahn's salary and pension. The juxtaposition was subtle but brilliant!

In fact, I hope I'm not blowing anyone's cover here by pointing it out, but I just had to compliment your technique. Here we have a journalist telling us that a union is being unrealistic by asking for parity with other teachers in the country.

Meanwhile a man is being paid $315,000 a year for a job he no longer does and in fact only performed for about eight years.

And here's the subtle part; several recent editorials in other Lower Mainland newspapers have criticized BCTF demands and yet support David Hahn's pay package. The main reason for that support? Because David Hahn deserves parity with other CEOs working in similar positions.

Oh, the hypocrisy! I ch,uckled over that for most of the day.

So thanks again, Record for making me smile. Oh, I know that you can't make your punch line work without Mr. Baldrey's setup; he's always a little bit funny.

But you guys are hilarious!

Mike Balser, New Westminster