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Letters: We need to hold Trudeau accountable for real climate action

A Just Transition Act needs to put people, not corporations first as Canada transitions away from fossil fuels
New West smoky air 2020
If we don't want this kind of air to be commonplace, we need to do something about climate change. This letter writer says Canada needs a bold vision for its Just Transition Act.

People across Canada just experienced another summer of record-breaking heat, destructive wildfires and dystopic-looking smoke hanging over many of our communities. These impacts have elevated the urgency to tackle the climate crisis to a fever pitch. But, we all know the only way we can tackle the climate crisis with the zest needed to do so is if no workers or communities are left behind as we transition to greener, safer forms of energy.

Natural Resources Canada just finished its consultation for the long-awaited Just Transition Act – something you may have missed because of the whirlwind of the election. This is our chance to moves forward worker and community-centred Just Transition legislation.

Luckily, thousands of people across the country made submissions to this consultation process calling for a just transition act that follows three principles: 1) guarantees a good, green, unionized job to anyone who wants one; 2) puts people first – not massive corporations – by supporting workers and communities through the transition to 100% renewable energy; and 3) it's in line with climate science and ensures a rapid transition off fossil fuels.

What the legislation actually looks like when it’s presented in the House of Commons will be the test as to whether or not Justin Trudeau and his government listened to our calls. It will be up to all of us – and our newly elected representatives – to ensure the biggest, boldest version of this legislation is passed.

Paul Esslinger, New Westminster