LETTERS: 'Absurd' to claim Q to Q being set up for failure


Re: Q to Q is being set up for failure, Record letters, Oct. 11
As someone who has been vehemently advocating for a fixed link between Queensborough and Quayside in the form of a mixed-use bridge (pedestrian, bicycle and passenger LRT), the Q2Q is a service that I have been critical of in the past.

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However, let me be clear and unequivocal, it is not being set up for failure by council - and there is no evidence to support such an absurd claim.
Council has worked incredibly hard, harder than any other previous council I can account for in my 20-plus years of living in this city to make this work and build a lasting link to the Queensborough community. They have done so despite the many challenges that are inherent to transportation projects within this region, as well as the budgetary constraints that they have been left with due to previous negligent councils, and they've succeeded in creating a connection between our communities that we are all proud of.
This project is still in a “testing” phase. That is, the city and contractor are still in the process of collecting and analyzing data which will ensure that any future and permanent solutions don't turn this vital link into a “Fast Ferry Fiasco.” I am sure that we can all sympathize with wanting to get it right this right the first time. We have, after all, seen other municipally run demonstrations fail - most notably the “Olympic Line” LRT demonstration in Vancouver, which cost significantly more than the Q2Q and has now sat dormant for nearly a decade.
Proper, prudent research takes time. It's takes patience. I kindly ask that we afford council the opportunity to see this out.

Nicholas Page, New Westminster

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