Letter: Your editor is a 'coward' for being ashamed of Canada's history


Re: Sorry, I’m not buying all this sudden love for Judge Begbie, Record Blogs, May 11

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I neither support nor respect the reconciliation process, for two reasons. 

First, it's entirely one-sided. Indigenous people never acknowledge the enormous debt they owe to so-called “colonizers” for creating such a wonderful country they get to take part in.

Second, nobody can explain exactly what “reconciliation” is or how we know when we've achieved it. But I've watched this game being played my entire life and I've come to the conclusion that (Indigenous people) don't really want reconciliation - what they want is grievance.

This is something editor Chris Campbell has apparently never learned. Someone tells him he should be ashamed of his history and he believes them? The word for that is "coward."

Steve Vanden-Eykel, New Westminster

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