Letter: We want New West changes so we can build a duplex


We are getting impatient about the progress that is being made in regards to changes to the minimum lot size required to build a duplex in the ground-oriented infill housing areas in New Westminster.

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When I read the article about Wesgroup’s plan for the Brewery District, it seemed as if the city is bending over backwards to accommodate their wishes by raising the building height limits for the last planned tower, yet the single-family house owners are being left in the dust when it comes to opportunities to develop their properties.

We’ve been advocating for the city to lower the minimum lot size required to build a duplex in Sapperton for years now - since way before the new land use plan was finalized.

Back then, we were told that with the new land use plan, this issue would be discussed. Then, after finalizing the land use plan in 2017, the issue was still put on the back burner and we were told that city council would come up with a new bylaw after summer break.

After calling city hall, I found out that there is still no movement on the issue because they are busy dealing with other issues. Could it be the issues of maximizing Wesgroup’s opportunities?

Gisela Schulte, New Westminster


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