Letter: TransLink must fix 'deafening' New West SkyTrain noise


Re: New West SkyTrain noise is 'most annoying' it's ever been, Record letters

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I have complained to TransLink about theextreme noise of the SkyTrain.

I read a readers’ complaint about the SkyTrain in yesterday’s issue of your newspaper. In the article, the reader mentions the noise starts from the tracks on Third Avenue, but actually it is way before that.

I am a resident property manager for oublic storage in New West. My property is directly under the tracks on Stewardson Way. The noise of the passing train is so loud that during business hours we have to stop a telephone conversation as the noise is so loud and when we are outside the noise is so deafening that instantly everyone covers their ears.

We live on site as well. The noise is very difficult to handle inside the manager suite. 

Please, what could I do to further address this issue to get attention of the authorities to visit this facility to understand the severity of this problem? 

Isabelle Schucroft, New Westminster

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