Letter: TransLink fixing New West tracks sounds like a 'chainsaw'


We moved here about two to three years ago and the trains are not nearly as noisy as SkyTrain cars.

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I originally contacted TransLink complaining about the noisy trains and it seems they put the brakes on right when they reach the area of 12th and Columbia/Stewardson Way so they had the track night maintenance crew fix the problem.

They planed the track and it stayed somewhat nice, but slowly got worse until about two to three months ago when they had night crews working all along the track from 22nd Street station to Westminster Station. They were noisy installing new track, but it is something one puts up with and prays it is repaired.

The night crews were replacing the track right out across from our suite on 5th and they had some kind of tool that sounded like a chainsaw, but you cannot cut new steel track with a chainsaw. 

So whatever sounded like the chainsaw, they must have had a saw attachment to cut steel track. Now I figured the noise would be better and gone, but it has gotten way worse than ever and two to three months down the road it is not getting better. 

We cannot open our windows or doors and try and have a conversation or watch television. I know for a fact that sound gets way worse the higher one goes and for us as we are straight across from it and the noise is terrible. 

What I want to know is why TransLink is not doing anything about it. For us, if you’re going downtown, the sound is just bearable, but if going into the Westminster Station it is unbearable.

Peter and Judy Sauer, New Westminster

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