Letter: This 'screeching racket' in New West has got to stop


We thought some time ago that the work done on the SkyTrain just east of the 22nd Street station would put an end to the screeching, endless racket, but we were wrong.

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Lately, the unacceptable racket and screeching has become so loud that when it is hot, people can't open their windows or sleep when the trains are running. 

Try having a conversation at Grimston Park on 7th Avenue, New Westminster, when the SkyTrain is passing. 

I have ridden on systems throughout the world and none even can even come close to this unbearable noise. 

It is to the point that it could affect property values.

Is it because those serving the SkyTrain CEO et al don't care, don't know, or are those in charge of maintenance incompetent or unable to fix this noise that is so intrusive? Whatever the reason, it needs fixing.

William Zander, New Westminster

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