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Letter: There's more to the story on B.C. energy, climate action

Solar and wind power are there for the generating.
Solar energy fields and wind turbines are seen here in the Netherlands. Both solar and wind power need to be part of B.C.'s energy future, this writer says.


Re: Keith Baldrey: B.C. lacks the energy to meet its climate goals

Keith only tells half the story. While true the current (no pun) supply will be inadequate, measures are being taken to increase it and also to lower demand. B.C. has thousands of hectares of roofs on which solar panels can be installed. The recent federal budget offers one of several assistance schemes.

Also, our increasingly windy climate lends itself to turbines. These do not have to be giant 100-metre-tall towers, but smaller vertical cylindrical ones which can be located on traffic islands, etc., all over cities. The wind blows at night, too, by the way.

Remember, LNG is a relatively short-term energy source. If we are serious about ending fossil fuel use, LNG has to go. The electricity it uses then becomes available to the grid.

Hopefully, our children and grandchildren will have less severe weather to deal with if we do as Keith says: taking bold action. Now!

Colin Dover

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