Letter: The Q to Q ferry is an indulgence New West can't afford


I see that Mayor Johnny and his band of spendthrift acolytes are at it again. After wasting … our dollars so far on subsidizing the Queensborough to Quayside ferry, they want to continue their profligate ways by flushing another $4 million (over five years) down the river, just to prove that if you subsidize something enough, it will be used.

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All of this when New Westminster roads are amongst the worst in the Lower Mainland and taxes are soaring. My tax increase from 2018 to 2019 was 21 per cent ($2,515 vs. $2,069), all to support his fanciful whims.

We cannot afford these indulgences - will someone please save the taxpayers from this free-spending fool?

Rick Johnson, New Westminster


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