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Letter: Strata owners calling for 'segregation' should move

Want to live in a bubble? Then move into a stand-alone home, says this writer.
For Rent two-bedroom sign
Condo owners who don't want to live among renters should just move into detached homes, says this letter writer.


To all the condo owners crying that you will now have to live amongst the renters. Get over yourselves, as it's pretty sad to see some of you seem to think segregation is the key. You are no worse than the racist Americans that didn't want us Black folk in your schools.

How ignorant are these people to think this way when we have zero rental inventory. I guess they want more homeless people?

This is a very sad indicator of the direction our soiety is going. Really, it's time these people to buy a standalone house if they want to live in a bubble.

J. Helton

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