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Letter: Speak up now to support New West police

“There is nothing more important in our lives than to at least believe we are safe to be out on our streets.”
The New Westminster Police Department is looking out for us, but it's time for more citizens to speak up about public safety, this writer says. Photo Julie MacLellan


As a very long-term concerned citizen in New Westminster, I want to compliment our police department who simply never get enough recognition. They are dedicated to protect us!

My grandson left Coquitlam last night at 9:30 p.m. after visiting his mom. He took the SkyTrain home to New Westminster. He was so impressed when he got off at his stop when he saw two New Westminster police officers at the station. This made him feel confident that he could travel safely.

While I believe our very dedicated police force are doing a fantastic job, I want more of you reading this to write, call or visit our city councillors, our MLAs and MPs to make eliminating crime the most important issue. Once we accept “Whatta are you gonna do” as a norm, we are totally lost, folks!

So don’t just rely on me and others to post your similar concerns; you must get involved. And no, not tomorrow, not next week. Take only a few minutes of your life right now; find out how, or ask somebody, to send your concern to media and every government office of the elected people of these real, increasing, out-of-control dangers.

There is nothing more important in our lives than to at least believe we are safe to be out on our streets! And don’t worry about how you express yourselves in words, just tell the elected in your own words, which are very powerful, and they will have to listen.

So, will you do it?

Bill Davis

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