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Letter: 'Snow summit' idea deserved consideration in New West

"If we are going to talk about being a leading voice, we need to put a voice out there."
New Westminster city trucks worked to keep roads clear during the major snowfall that brought traffic to a standstill in Metro Vancouver on Nov. 29, 2022.


I’m somewhat disappointed in the mayor and his slate on council who cannot seem to make room for ideas other than their own.

The mayor talks about New Westminster being a leading voice in transportation in the Lower Mainland, and, as I recall, this was one of the basis for his voice being necessary on the Metro Vancouver board (I’m sure it wasn’t the added paycheque).

However, when councillors Daniel Fontaine and Paul Minhas suggested that New Westminster take a leadership role in attempting to set up a broader conversation with other municipalities about the Lower Mainland's response to snow, it was dismissed without comment or consideration.

I think if we are going to talk about being a leading voice, we need to put a voice out there. Unfortunately for New Westminster, it seems the only voice the mayor wants to hear is his own. 

J. Silvester

📢 SOUND OFF: What do you think? Is a "snow summit" a good idea? How should the city respond to future regional snow events? If you have thoughts to share,  send us a letter.

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