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As a former locomotive engineer and national union officer dealing primarily with Rail Safety in Canada I felt it necessary to comment on some of the content in the letter submitted by Mr. Gillett in the Thursday July 26th edition of the Record. For reference I have included Rule 14 (l) from the Canadian Railway Operating Rules (CROR) which outlines the requirements of train movements prior to entering a public crossing. This is contrary to Mr. Gillett’s assumption that there are no regulations in place requiring train whistles to be sounded. This is not a decision left to the locomotive engineer; it is a requirement by rule. The fact that crossing gates have been installed at Quayside Drive can only further enhance public safety at this location but in no way should alleviate the requirement of rule 14 (l)  due to past incidents and track configuration at this location.

I also live near the tracks and I expect railway workers to be in compliance with the operating rules. Where there are tracks there are trains, and these train movements must be conducted safely and in accordance with the rules.

Robert Smith, New Westminster

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