Letter: Pounding music no party for people with hearing aids


Recently you wrote an article regarding the effect of loud music on the staff working in restaurants. 

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I'd like to put a word in for those of us with hearing aids. For those of you who don't, you may not realize that, wonderful as hearing aids are, they also amplify any other sounds that are around. 

This can really interfere with the voices that you want to hear. 

I have been in a pub for a lunch with friends and could only talk to the person sitting next to me as the music was so loud that it made any other communication impossible. Occasionally, I have asked the servers to please lower the volume of the music; some try and others say that the system is set and they cannot change it. 

Now it seems some retailers are starting to play music too. Why is it necessary? What about those who find it annoying? Actually I do like music, only played at a reasonable level.

Laura Simpson, New Westminster

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