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Letter: Pigeon problems in New West? 'Rats of the sky' deserve no mercy

"My love for animals has limits. Contract a falconry?"
Urban pigeons are a common sight in Metro Vancouver — and they're a blight on New Westminster, this resident says.


Re: Pigeon poop is damaging the historic Samson V in New West

Pigeons, rats of the sky.

Yes, we have a problem, a huge one. Rather than focusing on just one major damage, the city should take steps to address the issue as a whole.

Walking in downtown New West, you see the disgusting droppings everywhere. I live up the street on Royal Avenue, and our building as well as our neighbouring buildings are affected. None of the deterrents I tried have had an impact so far.

My love for animals has limits. Contract a falconry?

Ursula Bolour

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