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Re: Pattullo Bridge replacement project

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Thank you for the recent article regarding the pedestrian and cycling routes around the proposed Pattullo Bridge design.

I wholeheartedly agree with the concerns raised by the Walkers Caucus and HUB - the design seems to be centred around traffic flow at the expense of other forms of transport. 

I find it hard to accept this design as “urban integrated”; it more resembles a 1970s freeway. The design is centred around through-traffic, while the routes for pedestrians and cyclists look circuitous at best.

Certainly it is not an improvement from the current situation and in one or two places the routes seem virtually impassable. The proposed Agnes Greenway seems to not connect to the bridge at all. Overall, I think the New West approach looks out of scale for the community it connects to.

pattullo bridge replacement connections graphic
An artist's rendering of New Westminster bridge connections. B.C. Government

That said, there are some impressive pieces of infrastructure proposed. A multi-use bridge over East Columbia, a ramp and bridge overpass for the Central Valley Greenway, but surely there are better ways to preserve movement for all road users without forcing non-car folk to go up, down and roundabout to get to their destinations.

Oh, and one more thing, the article doesn’t mention that the design appears to eradicate three residential streets (along with the houses on them) – if true, this would be bad timing during a housing crisis.

By my read of the plan, Hastings, Wellington and Dufferin south of Agnes will all disappear, to be replaced by an oversize cloverleaf approach road. Like I said - just like a 1970s freeway.

Andrew Moss, New Westminster

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