Letter: New West traffic and politics are too much so I'm leaving my birthplace


In 18 short days, I am leaving my birth city New Westminster.

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I am done.

So long.

After 64-plus years living in the city and spending 31 years working for the city, I am moving to Vancouver Island. I am done with the noise, traffic, construction, density, high prices, complaining (especially those complaining about the damn trains on the river) and certainly the politics in how this city is being run now.

I couldn't even bother to vote anymore because no one really impressed me (except you Chuck).

Though the recycling centre is across the street from where I live, and the move to Coquitlam is not such a big deal to me, it is, however, the wrong decision.

We need to have our own and convenient (depot for) the taxpayers of this city. That proposed location is a mess in trying to get to it and it will result in more recyclable items in the landfill. I am glad we are getting a new pool, but surely in that entire space of land after the pool is built, you would be able to accommodate a recycling centre. Council needs to think this one over again plus a few other recent decisions.

So I bid you adieu and I can only wish things improve in the Royal City, but it will be without me. The Comox Valley will be my new home and I am so looking forward to it. Goodbye New Westminster and all who have made it great.

Ted Usher, New Westminster

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