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Letter: New West politicians showed leadership by endorsing treaty on fossil fuels

Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty endorsed
fossil fuels


We are writing to publicly acknowledge our gratitude to our city’s leaders. On Monday, Dec. 13, 2021 at the city council meeting, our elected councillors listened attentively to residents speak in support of the motion to endorse the Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty as put forward by Coun. Nadine Nakagawa.

Four of the speakers were youth, three attending New Westminster Secondary School and one attending a local university.

The meeting was also attended by families and their babies in support of the treaty endorsement. The chair was very gracious in allowing a flexible speaker roster and schedule as some of the speakers had decided to present just that night.  

This motion was born out of a global campaign for an international treaty to prevent oil, gas and coal exploration and expansion, and ensure a managed phase out of fossil fuel production to limit the emissions that are causing our climate emergency. 

After the council unanimously approved this motion, each councillor spoke, thanking the residents for their presentations and the young families for their attendance, especially acknowledging the courage and passion of the youth. 

We were touched by their heartfelt words.

Prior to the Dec. 13 council meeting, 20 New Westminster-ites held a candlelight vigil on the front steps of city hall and city councillors stood with us prior to their closed meeting. 

This vigil was held to mourn and honour all who have died due to B.C.’s recent climate related disasters - the people, animals, plants, and habitat, whether by fire, flood, landslide, or the heat dome - and to call on elected representatives to confront the climate emergency and help prevent future deaths. 

Let’s make every Monday night a candlelight vigil for climate across our province – light a candle (or flashlight or lantern, just as long as it is safe!) in your front window to support this campaign and post photos on social media #candles4climate. 

Our youth deserve a bright future, so we need to show we care.

Karen Crosby, Maureen Curran, Jennifer Nathan, New Westminster