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Letter: New West hydro bills need to be clearer

Make it easier for residents to know how much power they're using, this writer suggests.
The City of New Westminster's electrical bills need to make usage information more clear for customers, this resident says.


I read on the City of New Westminster's website that they will survey residents for satisfaction of electricity service.

I'm not sure if I will get surveyed, but I hope the city should review how they bill us. BC Hydro customers can go online to see their usage in very detailed breakdowns that help them identify any unusual power consumption.

We don't have that here in New West. Yet, the billing period makes it harder to track our usage as the number of days in each billing period is always different. I received one bill that was unusually high by looking at the consumption chart.

I had to look for the bill for the same month last year to compare, and it is an 11-day diiference. I had to do maths to find out my average usage was normal.

We are encouraged to save power, but the city should make it easier for us to see our efforts are working or not when looking at the bills. If we can't get something "innovative" like BC Hydro's detailed usage tracking, at least make the number of days (almost) the same for each billing period.

Ryan Dang