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Letter: My New West bank is shutting down. This hurts seniors and the downtown

Closure goes against plans for a vibrant downtown
(via Pixabay)


I enjoyed and support Theresa McManus’s article regarding the revitalization of downtown New Westminster.

This makes imminent sense considering the intensive densification that is occurring in this area.

After reading the article, I was shocked and dismayed to read a letter I received from the RBC indicating that they will be closing their bank at 800 Carnarvon on Jan. 21, 2022. This is at odds with the direction New Westminster is trying to move toward as mentioned in the article.

I am a senior citizen and, along with many of my retired friends that live at the Quayside community, very much enjoy the convenience and proximity of this bank. It gave us comfort for planning our future years to know that we could easily walk to this bank, especially as many of us may lose driving privileges as we get on in years.

With the merging of this branch with the uptown branch at 626 - 6th Ave., that will be counterproductive, especially for any of our personal banking needs. RBC is suggesting we should simply start using online banking; however me and many of my retired friends are not comfortable with that option.

We hope that RBC will reconsider this planned closure or at the very least if they could leave the bank machine at this location that would at least help and be a partial compromise.

Enjoy your paper as it really is a great forum for raising community interest issues.

Howard Hunter, New Westminster