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Letter: Massey Theatre ownership transfer a 'day in history' for New Westminster

New Westminster city council now owns the 75-year-old theatre and surrounding facility
Massey Theatre 1
Massey Theatre, part of the new Eighth & Eight arts centre, is now owned by the City of New Westminster.


A day in history was made at the Oct. 4 city council meeting. Council passed a motion to include the Massey Theatre in the buildings owned by the city. Formerly owned by School District 40, after years of negotiations, it finally came to fruition.

New Westminster council are committed to keeping this wonderful theatre and adjacent spaces, to celebrate the arts in all forms – theatre, dance, music, visual arts, and with the Eight at Eighth campus, it will surely put us on the map.

This 75-year-old structure has seen her share of woes, from rallies to keep her standing, to being shut down for almost two years, and again with diminished activity due to COVID.

The Massey Theatre Society board are so grateful to the city for their foresight in embracing the arts, which sometimes feels like we're on the back burner.

Like the phoenix, Massey will be stronger and more beautiful in the coming years. Let the show go on!

Lynn Radbourne, chair, Massey Theatre Society board