Letter: Make recycling glass in New West as easy as plastic bags


I love the New Westminster recycling depot. I have been a regular user of this depot for decades. But maybe I don’t have to be anymore.
In the 1990s, I would walk or take transit, rain or shine or snow, to the depot just so I could recycle. There, that tells you how passionate I am about recycling.
Then the Uptown apartment building where I live got material collection bins for its tenants. All was convenient until, one day, glass was no longer accepted. Back to the depot I went.
In the past couple of months, and just blocks away from where I live, London Drugs set up a mini-recycling depot which even accepts material (i.e. plastic wrap) that the bins at the building where I live do not. But still, nowhere can I recycle glass. I continue my trips to the city’s depot.
My personal experience is that I can recycle all my daily apartment-generated recyclable material within blocks of where I live (and where I generate it) except glass. Would someone (city or business) please make it as easy to return glass as a plastic bag?

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Jimmy, can you hear me?

Anne-Marie Kugler-Yuen, New Westminster

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