Letter: Limit rambling New West politicians? Yes please


Re: Should there be time limits on how long New West politicians speak? Record, July 17

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I totally support the concept of placing limits on the time any city councillor can speak on any matter. No one needs to sit through someone rambling on endlessly, supposedly on behalf of their constituents, but more often just to hear the sound of their own voice.

Time limits on speeches and comments are a feature of most elected bodies. I am sure New Westminster politicians can learn to adapt.
Long meetings serve no one. Perhaps city council should meet more frequently if the workload is too high for the limited number of times they meet.

Is a long summer break really necessary? Are council members arriving prepared for those meetings? It sounds to me that the answer is that some are not prepared in advance. City council business should not be carried out by councillors who don't have enough time to prepare.
Hopefully everyone can pitch in to make New Westminster a better-functioning city.

Carl Dillon, New Westminster

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