Letter: Keep the Christ in Christmas at New West city hall


As a resident and homeowner in New Westminster, this Christmas was very enjoyable for me and my family.

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However, the streets were anything but festive. The reason I mention this concerns the lack of any signs of “merry Christmas.”

One can only assume the (local business) owners were ignorant of all of us Christians who believe in keeping the Christ in Christmas.

We went to midnight mass at (a) church – in big, bold letters was a sign: “Keep the Christ in Christmas.”


The one place that really made me wonder was city hall. In (previous) years, they always had “merry Christmas” in big, bold letters. This year, missing in action.

Apparently, Mayor Cote and his group of union supporters felt it was no longer needed. They can be secure for a few more years.

Hopefully, the “Progressive party” will replace them.

Come on Christians.

Stewart Thompson, New Westminster

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