Letter: I've never seen New West cigarette butt litter be this bad before


I was walking downtown (in New Westminster) with my brother (a visitor) and we noted how utterly disgusting the cigarette butt litter was.  

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I took him to the Wait for Me Daddy memorial at Hyack Square and it was such a pig sty with butts that it infuriated us.

I've travelled all over the Americas and nowhere have I found the litter as bad. They all have these little canisters called Butt Stops next to the garbage cans at every corner in the commercial areas and there is not much litter.

Vancouver had a few out for a bit, but some anti-smoking lobby complained that it encouraged people to smoke. What utter b.s. They encourage litterers not to litter.

So this is my plan. I’m going to go down to Hyack Square with coffee cans half-filled with sand, label them, and leave a dozen or so of them there and sweep up the butts that are there.

I've been a homeowner in the Royal City for near 30 years and I’ve never asked for a thing.

Jon Dowle, New Westminster

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