Letter: I'm not buying it will be easy getting to the new recycling depot


Re: New West Recycling Depot to close in 2020, Record
City supervisor of solid waste and recycling Kristian Davis says it will take New West residents just five extra minutes to drive to the new depot in Coquitlam.

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They will do that by using the bailey bridge between New West and Coquitlam. Hmmm, is that the same access point New Westminster complained would bring a horde of commuters into the city? Is it the same one New Westminster closed with a gate several years ago? Is it the one that sparked a court case between Coquitlam and New Westminster, which Coquitlam won after New Westminster wasted taxpayer dollars defending the closure?

Now we see the utter short-sightedness of the New Westminster council and staff over their opposition to this useful transportation link. And to think, at one time there was an offer on the table from senior levels of government to pay most, if not all, of a real bridge linking United Boulevard to New Westminster. The silly double bailey bridge should be replaced with such a permanent structure and New Westminster council and staff should learn their lesson about the importance of convenient, safe transportation infrastructure.
David Lang, New Westminster

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