Letter: I'm annoyed by accusations flung over new recycling depot


I’ve been following the flurry of letters regarding the impending closure of the existing recycling centre. 

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As a taxpayer, I see the cost savings resulting from the consolidation of services as a good thing. 

I do sympathize with people who don’t own a vehicle who will be inconvenienced by the move, especially since the location of the regional facility is not likely to be well serviced by transit. 

However, I would like point out that the current location is far from convenient for residents of Queensborough and the west part of the city, yet we just deal with the situation and I haven’t heard any real complaints about it. 

There is a Return-It Depot in Queensborough that accepts glass, styrofoam and electronics, as well as returnable drink containers. There must be other facilities like this as well. 

I believe that that the city is looking at making some sort of arrangements so that residents inconvenienced by the move will have a way to dispose of small quantities of these items. 

I am getting a little annoyed at the accusations being flung around about this closure. Did any of the people who are upset over this issue even check the city website or send an inquiry to the city to find out what will be done to minimize the inconvenience for people with small quantities of these recyclables?

Joan Lichtmann, New Westminster

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