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Letter: I have no sympathy for 'Snowbird covidiots' who get sick

Editor: The staggering increase of new cases of the COVID-19 pandemic's second wave is scary for most of us, especially at the onset of the flu season.
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The staggering increase of new cases of the COVID-19 pandemic's second wave is scary for most of us, especially at the onset of the flu season.

So many new things to learn this year, but one fact remains above all others: that there are far too many covidiots living, walking, tweeting, Facebooking and breathing among us.

The Canadian Snowbird Association just announced that over one-third of its 110,000 members will be wintering in their condos in Florida and other Sunbelt states, despite pleas from Canadian health authorities to stay at home during the pandemic.

It’s my fervent hope that these seniors don’t get sick in the USA, where the pandemic is far more severe than at their homes in Canada, but if they fall ill then you can bet your bottom-dollar we’ll see news stories from their anxious relatives begging the government to bring them home.

After the necessary spring lockdown across so many countries, regulations were eased as the infection curve flattened due to the vast majority of people across the globe following advice of governments, epidemiologists and health authorities.

However, when restrictions were lifted with more schools and businesses reopened, far too many figured they would forget about the simple advice to wash hands, wear masks and maintain social distance, so the pandemic has returned with a vengeance. It’s not governments nor health authorities to blame, but the man and woman in the mirror who figure they know more than those who are in charge of our well-being.

Sadly, some acquaintances I’ve known for about 25 years think the pandemic is all a hoax and a threat to their constitutional rights. They spread disinformation on their Facebook pages every day about conspiracy theories and the like, while singing misguided mendacious myths and mantras against limiting travel, staying at home, taking vaccinations and wearing masks.

If adults behave like spoiled children unwilling to accept a lesson in life, then maybe we should simply treat them like spoiled children by teaching them the rules of the road.

So listen up, covidiots, and you who enjoy singing the 4Ms: If you drive the wrong direction in a traffic lane, or disobey speed limits, or ignore red lights at intersections, your recklessness will result in an accident that causes injury or even death to yourself or others.

In addition, you will have to pay a penalty for breaking the law. It’s really that simple, and so is the fact of life that the pandemic will be with us until a successful universal vaccination is available. 

Like the rules of the road, easy-to-understand regulations have been laid down regarding hand-washing, mask-wearing and social-distancing; disobeying health authority and government orders will result in penalties.

Bernie Smith