Letter: I can't find a decent rental because I refuse to live with cockroaches


Re: This is the most a New West landlord can jack up your rent in 2020, Record

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Please ask the government not to allow any rent increases, as we cannot afford what we are paying now and are struggling so much to live life that these rent increases are affecting our well-being (and) our mental health.

I can't find a two-bedroom for my daughter and I in a safe, clean suite. We refuse to live with cockroaches, silverfish and bed bugs because that is terrifying for us.

The rents became way overpriced about 10 years ago and it has just gotten worse every year they allow increases. I get one per cent or .5 per cent every year, so I'm slowly drowning. Where does this end?

In five years, this 55-year-old building will increase the rent $200, in 10 years $400, in 15 years $600 - more than we are paying now. We will be on the street because there's no way my government job will increase more than $350 in 15 years.

Nancy Ezako

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