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Letter: How we can stave off our planet's extinction

This writer has an answer: Stop oil and gas subsidies and invest in clean energy.
We're on a path to an unlivable planet, but this writer has some suggestions to change our course.


As I see the unfolding of what could be the initial stages of an unlivable planet, I worry for my young kids and the millions of young kids who may face the brunt of a climate catastrophe. That is if I ignore the effects on millions of other species which are and would be facing extinction.

But, it may not be that way ... if we act! Already we have seen the potential effects of climate change: frequent droughts that last longer, heat waves, floods, etc.

While many of us are doing our part, the government and the oil and gas industry is not. While many of us are struggling to make ends meet as a result of inflation, the oil and gas industry is raking in record profits and are asking for more subsidies to lower their emissions. This is in addition to the subsidies they already receive. Not only should we not provide additional subsidies, we should stop the subsidies that they already get and invest in clean energy.

Part of the reason for these record profits is obviously the instability in oil and gas prices, which are driven up by the war by Russia. Renewable energy could bring more stability to energy

Mohan Kumar 

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