Letter: Hey New West drivers - stop parking in our car-share spots


I live on Victoria Hill and the area is becoming more overcrowded with cars.

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First thing I would like to say is that I am member of two of the car-shares in New Westminster, Modo and Evo. 

We first had Modo in a designated spot and on occasions when their spot became vacant, there would be a vehicle parked in its spot when clearly it shows the Modo sign. This can become a problem for when the Modo vehicle returns, as they have to find an alternative place to park if the driver of the vehicle does not turn up.

Evo cars on Victoria Hill are allowed to park anywhere in off-street parking bays.

(There were some recent) changes for car-share in the area, relocating a Modo-designated spot and allocating two spots for Evo.

In the last month, I have seen vehicles parked in these designated spots and these car-share vehicles have to park elsewhere. Clearly, it's not working. Modo has to be returned at the end of its trip back to the same spot and, again, if it is taken it would have to find somewhere else to park. The same goes with Evo, even though there are two designated spots they can park anywhere.

Something needs to be done because these car-share spots are being ignored by other vehicles in the area. There is a parking lot at Queens Park Care Centre or the city could designate an entire off-street parking bay to car-share.

Gary McKenzie, New Westminster

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