Letter: Hey American, we flattened our curve so don't get bent out of shape over your licence plate

The Editor, 

Re. “Comment: I just moved here and have U.S. plates: Stop looking for COVID scapegoats” (The Times Colonist, July 8)

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To Anonymous who moved to Victoria from California: Welcome to Canada. I am glad you cleared your 14-day self-isolation. If you arrived from California last month then you have had time to change your license plate over to a B.C. plate. That would avoid some of the hassle you feel you are getting. 

We in B.C. have done an excellent job of flattening the curve, unlike California who had 11,694 new cases of COVID-19 reported Wednesday, July 8. That same day, B.C. reported 18 new cases. So we aren’t under a mandatory rule to wear masks when indoors or outside unless we want to. And most people are social distancing. Obviously, people weren’t paying attention to the risks in California and didn’t take the necessary precautions earlier on. There is a price to pay for that.

Another reason we Canadians are not being so nice right now is because people from the States that cross our borders into B.C. and Alberta are saying they are driving straight through to Alaska. Bad loophole. 

One couple in Golden did not go straight to Alaska. Instead they did the tourist thing and were forced to self-quarantine for 14 days. Four people in Banff were up from Texas, another hot spot, and freely admitted (rather stupidly) that no, they weren’t going to Alaska, they were on vacation. 

So don’t get so bent out of shape when we Canadians want to keep flattening the curve and advise visitors to stay away. You can come and visit us when this pandemic is over and not until then.

Michelle Clayton, Coquitlam

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